The Eclipse of the (Fe)Male Sun

The Eclipse of the (Fe)Male Sun

کسوفِ خورشید خانـ(وم) كسوف الشمس الأنثى والذكر

The Eclipse of the (Fe)Male Sun departs from portrait photography collections from the mid 20th century in Kuwait, Lebanon and Iran, archived at the Arab Image Foundation in Beirut. Premodern Arab, Iranian and Islamic image culture reflected gender-fluid standards and homosocial relationships as common aspects of daily life. Strict notions of femininity and masculinity did not prevail at that time. Instead, specific human facial expressions were celebrated as more beautiful than others. In this exhibition we present a series of photographs from the Asghar Beechareh, Photo Caron, Studio Marjan, and Photo Bahar Collections, where we examine transformations of said beauty and gender norms over time. We ask: how are the notions of class, race, and gender staged through these objects?

05.08.20-11.08.20, Tegelviksgatan 51 Vernissage: Wed the 5th of Aug 17:00-20:00 Opening hours: 06.08.20-11.08.20 13.00-17.00 Or by appointment, contact:

Nour Helou (1998), artist and writer Nour Helou is a graduate in Art History from the American University of Beirut. Prior to this, she received a certificate in pastry-making from LeNôtre in France and continues to pursue other gastronomical interests through researching the Lebanese pantry for Slow Food Beirut. Both in art history and in food, Nour challenges the notion of a fixed culture and explores how pre-existing structures can be re-evaluated to reveal alternate readings of a region.

Afrang Nordlöf Malekian (1995), artist and writer

Malekian’s installations and films investigate the image's ability and lack of ability to construct and reproduce systems, experiences and memories. Investigating how political events and their consequences cannot be separated from applied technology. BFA, the Royal Institute of Art (2016-2019), Stockholm, MFA, Piet Zwart Institute (2020-2022), Rotterdam, artistic research at the Arab Image Foundation, Beirut (2019-), Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2020). Exhibitions in selection: Berlin Biennale, Tensta Konsthall, IASPIS, Botkyrka Konsthall, Norbergfestival, Marabouparken, Konstakademien, PINA, Nuda.

The exhibition is available in Arabic, English and Farsi.

Eriko Hattori, illustration Agga Mette, graphic designer & art direction Tegel, Maria Elena Guerra Aredal and Asrin Haidari, curators With the support of the Arab Image Foundation, Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse.

Rabab Charafeddine, Arabic and Farsi font Soroor Notash, translation English to Farsi

När: 5 augusti 2020 17:00 - 11 augusti 2020 17:00

Var: TEGEL stockholm Tegelviksgatan 51 / Stockholm

Arrangör: TEGEL stockholm och Afrang Nordlöf Malekian