Online Free Permaculture Course

This Free Online Permaculture Course will help you grow your own food and design a home system that can thrive with nature....even if you don't own your land or have a lot of money.

"This course is inspiring, informative and gives a no-nonsense approach to permaculture! It has a straightforward tone, great and varied content, the layout is beautiful, with lovely illustrations and great videos. Then there is a lot of tips for further reading. The permaculture approach gives me hopes for a brighter future for humanity because of its creative nature where we see solutions instead of problems." --Hanna, #freepermaculture student

Design your permaculture paradise, wherever you are.

​Brought to you by Permaculture Women's Guild and featuring excerpts from our double-certificate design course, plus exclusive, original content made just for this course, the goal is to help you design your own home, garden, and community projects, by providing a solid overview and linking you to quality resources you can trust, for further learning. Just like in our full-scale double-certificate design course, students in this course will follow a three-ethics curriculum, and then apply the practical layers of those ethics to a design project.

You can start anytime and go at any pace that works for you, but the course is set up to deliver one class per week, for an entire year from the day you enroll.

När: 1 april 2020 09:00 - 31 maj 2020 09:00

Var: / Digital

Arrangör: Permaculture Women's Guild