Unite for Ecofeminism - parade your heart out!


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Feminist Initiativ Sweden invite you to unite for ecofeminism!

The climate is a matter of justice. Climate change and environmental degradation are already affecting large parts of the world's population.

* Join our parades **

WE ENCOURAGE ART AND CREATIVITY paint a placard, write a poem, make a costume, bring an instrument - your imagination has no limits. Dance like it’s your revolution!

We ask you to use the colours PINK, FUSCIA, PURPLE and WHITE to fill the streets with colour. Join the parades:

Stockholm, Björns trädgård 17:00 Malmö Gustav Adolfs Torg 17:00 Luleå Stadsparken 17:00

More happenings! Jönköping: Växtbytardag Valplatsen i Hamnparken

If you can’t join our parades, then create your own activist happening/stunt/activity/flashmob wherever you are on the 24TH OF MAY and POST ONLINE WITH THE HASHTAG #EuropeNeedsEcoFeminism (let us know if you organise something)

Organisations and the general public are invited to join us in a positive manifestation to parade with music, art and speeches to create visibility for ecofeminism before the European Elections.

You’re welcome to just turn up!

Workshops: Maker workshop in Malmö Friday 17th of May https://www.facebook.com/events/2284378528294399/

Rehearsal with the Red Project: 23rd of May - various times in Malmö and Stockholm If you want to join register with the below link.

Register for more info here: https://forms.gle/Qg8F42gipX7m7MUD6

or email lina.b.frank@feministerna.se

climatejustice #ecofeminism #EuropeNeedsFeminism #EuropeNeedsEcoFeminism


FOR A LIVING PLANET: The climate is a matter of justice. Climate change and environmental degradation are already affecting large parts of the world's population. Women generally contribute less to climate change than men, but are often the ones most affected. High-income countries bear the great responsibility for climate change. We see how ideals of constant growth and man's self-imposed right to exploit nature have led to rising temperatures that threaten all life on earth. We need to act before it is too late - it requires a radical transition to a society where man lives without exceeding the planet's resources. Food sovereignty and small-scale must go before large-scale agricultural standards. The rights of nature and indigenous peoples must be safeguarded in front of the extractive industry. Transports must be via train and public transport instead of air, car or truck. The principle should always be that those who pollute most should pay the most. A feminist climate policy is based on justice, global solidarity and respect for all life on earth. Feminist initiative wants:

  • That the EU should be driving in that global greenhouse gas emissions should be zero by 2038

  • That the EU has a coordinated train, signal and booking system throughout Europe and support for night trains

  • That the EU should greatly accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system with a focus on renewable energy

  • That the EU's agricultural support should be directed towards substantial conversion, for ecology, small-scale and food sovereignty where vegetables are grown for humans and not for the meat industry

  • That the EU should demand from the Member States that they have ethical and sustainable farming, fishing and animal keeping

Feminist Initiative (F!), grew from a grass roots movement to be the first party to enter the European Parliament on a feminist ideological ticket as champions of human rights.

We hope you can join us on the 24th wherever you are!

Read the rest of F!s EU electoral platform here (in Swedish) https://feministisktinitiativ.se/valplattform-europaparlamentsvalet-2019/

Photocredit: The Red Project (UK) photographed by Sibylla Bam Bam

När: 24 maj 2019 17:00 - 24 maj 2019 20:00

Var: Stockholm, Björns trädgård , Malmö Gustav Adolfs Torg , Luleå Stadsparken, Jönköping: Växtbytardag Valplatsen i Hamnparken /

Arrangör: Feministiskt initiativ och 3 andra