De-colonising the history of sound art & electronic music

An open lecture by Cedrik Fermont.

In the 21st century, is it not time to de-colonise the history of sound art, electronic and experimental music?

This open lecture presents a parallel history of sound art, musique concrète, experimental and electronic music – a western and male centered history that can easily be debunked.

In this lecture, the artist and activist Cedrik Fermont, guides us from the early Soviet experiments in electronic and synthetic music of the 1920:s into the development of electroacoustic music and sound art in Egypt, South Korea, South Africa, Cuba, Argentina, Iran, Turkey and Indonesia throughout the 1940:s and 1950:s.

This open lecture is part of the independent course Sound as Critical Practice (30 ECT) and held in English. Admission free event

Warm welcome!

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Cedrik Fermont is a composer, musician, activist, curator, DJ and author born in Zaire and currently based in Berlin. He runs Syrphe, a recording label and platform focusing on electronic, electroacoustic and noise music from Asia and Africa, and establishing connections between different disciplines and media.

När: 17 april 2019 17:00 - 17 april 2019 19:00

Var: Stockholms dramatiska högskola Valhallavägen 189 / Stockholm

Arrangör: Stockholms dramatiska högskola