Norbergfestival 2018

CHOREOMANIA This year's art and performance programme goes under the title Choreomania. It is a a set of choreographed, multi-sensorial interventions, challenging the monologist logics of society. The title is in memory of the 500th anniversary of the Strasbourg Dancing Plague, when a group of dancing people bursted out into the public sphere of the city.

SUPPORT Norbergfestival 2018 is made possible in collaboration with and kind support from Norberg Municipality, Västmanlandsmusiken, Region Västmanland, Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Performing Arts Agency, Up Node Nordic Festival Network, Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Polish Institute Stockholm, The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Spanish Embassy in Stockholm.

När: 26 juli 2018 12:00 - 29 juli 2018 03:00

Var: NORBERGFESTIVAL Gamla Banan 6 / Norberg

Arrangör: Anrikningsverket och NORBERGFESTIVAL