We are their sisters

2012-08-20 | FemPers padlock


The Women Playwrights International Conference is convening in Stockholm. In a joint statement the 260 delegates from 51 countries, representing all continents of the world they declare their support of Pussy Riot: ”From now on we are all Pussy Riot!!”

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The verdict on the 17th of August 2012 against Pussy Riot is an unacceptable violation of the basic human right that is free speech.

This verdict is a personal affront to all of us and a genuine threat to artistic freedom and cultural expression worldwide.

This verdict is not just an attack on three women in Russia; it is a deliberate attempt to suppress universal freedom – freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression, freedom to dissent, as well as the right to engage in activism.

Maria, Nadezdha and Yekaterina are not alone. Do not let them think they are. For information on how to act for the release of the Pussy Riot, visit Amnesty International´s website.

We are their sisters – From now on we are all Pussy Riot!

The Women Playwrights International Conference represents female artists from all over the world. We are women from 51 countries. Every continent is represented.

Women Playwrights International Conference, Stockholm 2012


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