Sanaa torsdag 7 april. Kvinnorna vill att president Saleh ska avgå omedelbart.

National Council formed to put pressure on Saleh

2011-08-19 | Jenny Rönngren padlock


Youth groups and political parties in Yemen have appointed 143 members for a National Council. They claim the cause is to increase pressure on president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Blogger and journalist Afrah Nasser is partly positive to the initiative, is happy about the eleven women included, but she also sees big flaws.

Afrah Nasser was apointed one of the ten most important bloggers in the Middle East by CNN. She worked as a journalist at Yemen Observer and blogger and has been blogging about the revolution and the violence against the opposition, which has caused great resistance, and she has received threats for her criticism against president Saleh.

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What do you think about the initiative of the opposition?

– I think it's partially a good step in the course of Yemen's uprising but it needs lots of work. I would have preferred if it included all Yemen's political parties but unfortunately it didn't. Although the National council succeeded in collecting an amalgamation of powerful groups it left out two of the main strategic players: the Houthis (who waged a six year war with regime) and the southern Movement (who initiated the Idea of peaceful demonstrations five years ago). That could change in any minute and then I'd be fully happy about the council.

They say the council will not be an alternative to government, the only cause is to topple the Saleh-regime, is that good or bad?

– The council was very careful in exhibiting its purpose. It was reported that its aim is to escalte the strugle of the uprising. I don't think that's necessarly the case. I expect it would be of no value since Saleh is still Yemen's president.

How do you think the existence of this national council will affect the activists and their strategies?

– I think the council would only prolong the current stalemate.

What can you say about the women's role and rights at this point?

– The council has 11 women members so far and I'm extermly happy about that. I wish the number was bigger though. I think it's very natuarl to include women at this point since they were since day one at the protests.


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