Webinar: Sexually harassed in health care – doubly vulnerable in a hard-hit sector

Health care workers are crucial to the functioning of society. At the same time research shows that sexual harassment is a big problem in the health care sector. Many health care workers report that they have been subjected to sexual harassment at work. The ongoing pandemic has also starkly highlighted shortcomings in the health care sector’s working conditions, which is already a vulnerable sector. On March 2, Nordic Information on Gender, NIKK, and the Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health, NIVA, invite you to a webinar on these highly topical issues. Learn about the experience of the Icelandic health care sector, the Norwegian Nurses Federation and the newly appointed Swedish Equality Ombudsman, in conversation on the problem as well as important measures and solutions to it. Results from the new report 'Sexually harassed at work – An overview of the research in the Nordic countries' will be presented and discussed from the different perspectives of the panel participants.

Register here: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/sexuallyharassedinhealthcare

PANEL: Lars Arrhenius The Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen), Sweden Bryndís Elfa Valdemarsdóttir Equality adviser of Akureyri municipality and part of the Nordic co-operation project “Sexual harassment in municipal health- and care sector in Iceland, Norway and Sweden”, Iceland Silje Naustvik Vice President, The Norwegian Nurses Organisation (Norsk Sykepleierforbund), Norway T he conversation will be moderated by Fredrik Bondestam, Director of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, PhD in Sociology specialising in research on sexual harassment. The webinar will be conducted in English. It is open to everyone and free of charge. More information: https://nikk.no/en/news/sexually-harassed-in-health-care/ Please distribute this invitation to anyone who might be interested!

När: 2 mars 2021 10:00 - 2 mars 2021 11:30

Var: / Digital

Arrangör: NIKK, Nordic Information on Gender