Yazidi Resilience: panel discussion

Thousands of women and children remain enslaved six years after the ISIS onslaught on Sinjar. Those who have escaped face an unsafe and uncertain future. But the Yazidis, with their long tradition of resilience, are determined to resist, and to renew and rebuild their society.

What can be done to support them?

Live international webinar and panel discussion featuring eye-witness testimony from Yazidi activists and survivors, aid workers and policy experts.

Speakers include:

  • NEMAM GHAFOURI: doctor, aid worker and human rights activist. Nemam is a dedicated campaigner for the rights of genocide survivors and persecuted people. She will give a first hand account of the evolving situation in Iraq and Syria and discuss what can be done to empower and protect Yazidi survivors.

  • PETER GALBRAITH: distinguished diplomat, author, and long-time advocate of Kurdish rights. He will discuss the political situation and what can be done by regional and international actors to guarantee Yazidi rights.

  • SALIH HAMO: Salih and his family were displaced in 2014. A schoolteacher by training, he now manages a clinic and community centre in Bajed Kandala camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. He will give his perspective on the most urgent challenges facing the Yazidi community.

Moderator: JAN BOJER VINDHEIM: politician, writer and human rights activist.

Further speakers to be confirmed. All proceeds to JHK's programme for care and rehabilitation of genocide survivors. Recommended voluntary donation $15. Tickets via facebook or email info@jointhelpkurdistan.org.

När: 30 september 2020 17:30 - 30 september 2020 18:30

Var: / Digital

Arrangör: Joint Help for Kurdistan