MENS REA / Guilty mind (Skyldigt sinne), at STOFF 2020

Actus reus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea – “the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty”. In a new multi-art work, award-winning STOFF veteran Rebecka Pershagen explores the mechanisms of human evil, guilt and regret.

WHAT? Theatre WHEN? Friday, September 18th, 18:30 – 19:30 WHERE? Teater Tre + Streamed LIVE

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MENS REA (/ˈmɛnz ˈreɪə/; Law Latin for “guilty mind”)

actus reus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea – “the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty”

When does someone become evil? Can evil acts be justified? And who draws the line between good and evil?

Award-winning actor and playwright Rebecka Pershagen - Artist returns to Stockholm Fringe 2020 with her most provocative work to date. In a multi artwork where audio, video and scenic monologue meet, the mechanisms of human evil, guilt and regret are explored.

With Rebecka Pershagen - Artist In Swedish

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With support from Kulturförvaltningen Region Stockholm, Kulturrådet, Kulturstöd för unga Stockholms stad

När: 18 september 2020 18:30 - 18 september 2020 19:30

Var: Teater Tre Rosenlundsgatan 12 / Stockholm

Arrangör: Rebecka Pershagen - Artist och Stockholm Fringe Festival - Stoff