Organising Virtual Meetings

Training series in three episodes how to organise a virtual meeting.

First up is our training session this Thursday at 7-8 am New York time.

Organising Virtual Meetings Part 1: methodology & accessibility (content)

When: Thursday April 16, 7-8 am New York Time (EST), 1-2 pm Berlin Time (CEST), 6-7 pm Bangkok time (GMT+7), 4-5 am Suva Time (FJT)

Zoom link: Register here to get the link:

About: Will be covering questions of planning content and accounting for inclusivity and accountability; Will go over key things to consider around accessibility and some brainstormed answers to these barriers (but also being real about the challenges to some and the real tension between accessibility, cost and ease of use)

Will go over suggestions for planning content to be engaging -- i.e. how to centre oneself, breathing exercises, breaks, how to engage listeners in the chat to keep attention

Organising Virtual Meetings Part 2: nuts & bolts (software training)

When: Thursday April 9, time TBD

About: Will be covering the basics of technology and platforms for virtual meetings Matrix of possible platforms and their strengths and weaknesses Walking through key features of Zoom and know-how-to for people to plan their own calls (and some responses for zoombombing)

Organising Virtual Meetings Part 3: A conversation around digital security
When: Thursday April 23, time TBD, Guest speaker - [to be announced soon]

About: Will be covering concerns around digital security and privacy with planning these calls and generally Will go over what we know about data mining and Zoombombing, as well as best practices around protecting ourselves online

Invite guest speaker to share

Hope to see you there on Thursday!

Best wishes,

Hanna (WECF) and Mara (WEDO)

När: 16 april 2020 13:00 - 16 april 2020 14:00

Var: / Digital

Arrangör: Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO)