Palestine: the next generation

Very welcome to our breakfast seminar on how organisations adapt to the changing realities and the consequences it has on Palestinians life.

USA are moving their embassy against international agreements, UNRWA is being stripped from funds and the Israeli government does not show any signs of easing the occupation.

The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are more neglected than ever especially after imposed restricted measure on Palestinian workers . The blockade on Gaza enters its 13 year resulted in a devastated humanitarian situation. The challenges are many no matter if you are a Palestinian in Gaza, West Bank or living as a refugee in the Lebanese camps.

Under these circumstances the civil society of Palestine keeps fighting with bravery to mobilize and stand up for dignity, human rights and equality. One essential task for organisations like Naba’a and Abu Dees Youth Club is to strengthen the next generation of Palestinian human rights activists and foster a culture of non-violence, respect for diversity and gender equality.

Speakers: Yasser Daoud, Naba´a Nasser Abuhelal, Abu Dees Youth Club

08:30:-09:00 registration and breakfast

09:00-09:05 welcome speech by Forum Syd

09:05-09:25 Mr. Nasser Abuhelal ( from Abu Dees Youth Club)

09:25-09:30 screening of Film Trailer on Gaza

09:30-09:50 Mr. Yasser Daoud ( from Naba´a)

09:50-10:00 Q&As

With support from Forum Syd, Palestinagrupperna i Sverige implements a three-years program which aims at promoting human rights and strengthening the resilience of Palestinian children and youth in Palestine and Lebanon. The program is expected to enhance the organization skills of five local partner organizations in order to strengthen their work and fight for human rights.

När: 17 oktober 2019 08:30 - 17 oktober 2019 10:00

Var: Forum Syd Alsnögatan 7 / Stockholm

Arrangör: Forum Syd