Disorienting whiteness and heterosexuality - Course

The course Disorienting whiteness and heterosexuality is a course for those who work with performing arts and who want to explore and work with queer and decolonizing tools in your artistic work.

The course Disorienting Whiteness and Heterosexuality creates an overview of Sara Ahmed's thoughts on whiteness and heterosexuality as points of orientation and how these can be used as artistic strategies in performing arts. The aim of the course is for the student to relate these strategies and methods to his / her own practical work with the aim of formulating queer and decolonizing orientation points in both artistic methods and expressions.

Sara Ahmed is a central theorist in feminist theory, queer theory and postcolonial theory. The course examines how her both critical and strategic use of phenomenology can be applied to artistic work. The course will be based on theories and analyzes and to illustrate them with artistic examples. Great emphasis is placed on working in groups and doing their own work under supervision. Courseleader: Nasim Aghili

Education startdate: February 13, 2020 Education scope: 15 Credits, One term of half time studies Teaching language: English Responsible unit: Department of Dance, Stockholm Application period: September 1 - October 15, 2019

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När: 15 oktober 2019 00:00 - 17 oktober 2019 23:59

Var: DOCH, Dans och Cirkushögskolan Brinellvägen 58 / Stockholm

Arrangör: DOCH, Dance Department