Stockholm Fringe Festival - Stoff X

ATTENTION fringe lovers united!

The 94-page STOFF X programme guide is OUT! Here in digital form, the printed version hits Stockholm in a bunch of days.

It's our 10th-anniversary edition of Stockholm Fringe Festival - Stoff! We celebrate that with a statement: A whole festival made by women, non-binary and trans artists!

From LARP event "(ATT) VITTRA" by Lukas Renklint och Linnéa Björklund on page 34, to Yolanda Bohm with Yolanda Bohm presents: QPOC poetry @Stoff•X on page 74, via Peaches & Tiina Rosenberg on page 48-61, the programme brings you quality artists from near and far.

Make a big cuppa of whatever you desire, and dig in! Explore, make notes of your fav's and BOOK a ticket or ten!

Don't miss the feature article by Swedish stage art critic and journalist Jenny Aschenbrenner on pages 82-87, with the STOFF co-founder and director team, plus a bunch of #STOFFAlumni talent: Benedikte/Benedikte Esperi, Forced Entertainment's Tim Etchells, Ingentinget (aka Hei Edström/ Knölkollektivet) and Rupesh Tillu!

Front cover artist: Grebnellaw Back cover artist: Peaches Programme design: Lee Simmons

You can download the pdf or use the digital flick through tool here:

With support from Kulturrådet / Kulturförvaltningen Region Stockholm / Kultur Stockholms stad

Part of IETM international network for contemporary performing arts / Nordic Fringe Network - NFN / Transit Kulturinkubator - tid, råd och rum för konstnärliga verksamheter / Scensverige

När: 3 september 2019 15:00 - 7 september 2019 19:00


Arrangör: STOFF•X