Slumpvis utvald? Ett seminarium om etnisk profilering

(Programtext på svenska kommer snart)

Randomly selected? A seminar on ethnic profiling

This winter and spring, several incidents involving security guards or police in Stockholm has sparked a new debate on ethnic profiling in Sweden. In recent reporting by, among others, the broadcaster TV 4, a large number of Swedish people of colour has described being racially profiled by members of the police force. The purpose of this seminar is to continue and expand the debate on the subject, based on an academic study published by Civil Rights Defenders which is now also available in English.

The study aims to lay the foundations for a more knowledge-based and constructive discussion on the method of ethnic profiling and its negative impact on the legitimacy of the police and in a longer run, the cohesion of the social community.

In this seminar, the phenomenon of ethnic profiling in Sweden will be discussed from several perspectives. National and international experts, including representatives of the police authority as well as groups in society that experience the effects of profiling, will give their views on possible ways of moving forward and traps to be avoided. The seminar also examines a recent report on disparities in Criminal Justice Systems for individuals of different ethnic background in the European Union, as a set-up for the subject.

The seminar consists of two panel discussions, the first in Swedish and the second in English.

26 March 2019 , 17.30-19.00

Under Fontänen, Sergelgången, Sergels torg

Admission free (but seats are limited)

Introduction: Katri Linna, Senior Legal Adviser, Civil Rights Defenders

Panel 1 (In Swedish):

Malcolm Jallow, Afrosvenskarna (the Afro-Swedes’ organization)

Clarisse Jaures, Police Officer working in Järva

Katri Linna, Senior Legal Adviser, Civil Rights Defenders

Diana Nyman, Roma activist

(more names will be added shortly)

Panel 2 (In English):

Alex Mik, Campaigns and Networks Director, Fair Trials

Victor Olisa, former police officer at the London Metropolitan Police and expert on ethnic profiling

(more names will be added shortly)

This seminar is co-organised by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Civil Rights Defenders and Fair Trials.

När: 26 mars 2019 17:30 - 26 mars 2019 19:00

Var: Under Fontänen Sergelarkaden 12 / Stockholm

Arrangör: Forum/Debatt och CIVIL RIGHTS DEFENDERS