Tala Med at ArkDes: To move in our city as a queer POC

Tala Med at ArkDes: To move in our city as a queer person of color.

Join StreetGäris for an evening at ArkDes to hear about the experiences of Stockholm's queer POC community and how it is to move in our city. They will also be touching upon the use of excessive force from authority figures and how media choose to report this.

As part of the Public Luxury exhibition, StreetGäris will set up Tala Med at Arkdes. Tala Med is a listening series in which the ones who are often talked about, but seldom listened to, are offered a safe space where they can create their own narratives by forming the conversation. Tala Med has a zero tolerance policy for disrespect, bigotry and interruptions of any kind.

At StreetGäris they strongly believe in the importance of listening to and learning from each other’s experiences and it is with great honor that they present you with this opportunity to broaden your views. Listen, learn and thereby gain a broader understanding of what it means to be a queer person of color in Stockholm today. After the talk there will be room to ask questions to the panelists.

The talk will be held in English and Swedish.

Moderator Manel Rodrick

Panelists Jon Ely Ruhani Samuel Girma Sumair Ali Khan

Privilege Walk What are some of your privileges? In an effort to create an inclusive and respectful environment, the evening's discussion will start off with a privilege walk. Those who wish to participate will be invited to gather at Exercisplan in front of the Main Entrance to Public Luxury at 17.30 and engage themselves in meaningful self-analysis of their own privileges.

När: 27 november 2018 17:30 - 27 november 2018 20:00

Var: ArkDes Exercisplan 4, Skeppsholmen / Stockholm

Arrangör: StreetGäris och ArkDes