Symposium: #MeToo - Et År Efter

THE NORDICS TAKE A STAND: Symposium on performative horizons, gender patterns and change.

On the anniversary of the tweet that started in the #MeToo movement, Kulturværftet, Sydhavn Theatre and the Swedish theatre company Bombina Bombast invite you to the north's largest #MeToo symposium. An entire day of keynotes, panel debates, performative lectures and artistic features in an overall Scandinavian perspective.

On October 15, 2017 at 1.21pm Alyssa Milan retweeted her friend's tweet, igniting a global wildfire with the words: 'If you've been sexually harassed or assaulted, write "me too" as a reply to this tweet. '

A global, viral wave emerged: every newsfeed on every social media platform was suddenly dominated by #MeToo, and soon concrete stories surfaced, with women from all areas of 'showbusiness' taking the lead. After years of putting up with unprofessional and unpleasant situations at work, combined with an obviously uneven distribution of power, speaking time and pay, that tweet let the lid off an incredible amount of pent up anger and frustration.

SO NOW WHAT? Slowly, organizations emerged in virtual social communities, and the reactions became physical actions, which in turn created reactions, debate, controversy and a whole new reality. Something has changed forever.

Program: 10.00: Coffee, water, fruit 10.20: Welcome speech by Michael Fock (CEO, Kulturværftet / The Culture Yard) / Mille M. Dalsgaard (Theater Manager at Sydhavn Teater) / Stefan Stanisic (Theatre Director at the Swedish performance company Bombina Bombast) 10.45 #metoo stories from META-film 11.20 Open Art Space and introduction of the Nordic theatre groups by moderator of the day Marie Louise Gjørvild 11.30 Open Art Space by the Nordic theatre groups - Lunch 13.30 Panel discussion: Voices across the North Panelists: Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold - dancer (Norway) Christian Gade Bjerrum - actor (Denmark) Benjamin Bo Rasmussen - Manager of the actors union (Denmark) Alexandra Dahlström - Film Director (debuted as an actress in ‘Show me love’ - Sweden) Lærke Reddersen (Theatre Director and the woman behind the viral hashtag #stopstilheden (#stopthesilence) Denmark) 14:30 Coffee + cake 15:15 Keynote: Tiina Rosenberg - #Metoo movement in Sweden - What has been going on this year / How does the future appear today? 15.55 Excelsior 16.15 Summary of the artistic work by the Nordic performance groups - one representative from each Nordic performance group (Faroe Islands, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark) 16.50 Closing notes by moderator Marie Louise Gjørvild 17.05 Excelsior

När: 15 oktober 2018 10:00 - 15 oktober 2018 18:00

Var: Kulturværftet Allegade 2 / Helsingör

Arrangör: Sydhavn Teater, Bombina Bombast, Kulturværftet