Lecture: Norm Critical Pedagogy

Norm Critical Pedagogy: Responding to Discriminatory Norms in the Classroom

As part of an ongoing reflection on the equality landscape of university education, the Committee for Equal Opportunities at the Faculty of Social Sciences invites all students and teachers to a lecture, “Norm Critical Pedagogy: Responding to Discriminatory Norms in the Classroom.”

The lecture will be delivered by Aisha Lundgren Aslla, expert in equal treatment and norm critical pedagogy. The lecture addresses the occurrence of discriminatory norms, such as the predominance of male course literature, gender insensitive language and other expressions of power in the learning environment. A norm critical perspective is then outlined, including strategies to respond to discriminatory norms and behaviour when they occur. The lecture is open and free for all students and staff at the University.

The lecture will be given in Lecture hall IX of the University Main Building.

The number of seats is limited. Please register no later than 15 September to be sure to get a seat.

När: 17 september 2018 14:15 - 17 september 2018 16:00

Var: Universitetshuset / Uppsala

Arrangör: Uppsala University