EuroPride Parade 2018 Gothenburg August 18th

EuroPride 2018 has not one but two parades! First during EuroPride in Stockholm on August 4 and one during EuroPride in Gothenburg!

The EuroPride Parade in Gothenburg will take place on Saturday August 18. The parade starts at Heden and ends at Götaplatsen. Join the parade and together we can manifest for equal rights and an including society, free from prejudice and discrimination around the world, not just in Sweden.

Time table: 14:30 Gathering general public 15:30 EuroPride Parade departs 17:30 Everyone has arrived to Götaplatsen where the party continues!

The parade arrives to Götaplatsen where Robert Fux will be hosting the evening. The EuroPride 2018 Official closing ceremony will be held with speakers, musical performances and the handing over of the EuroPride hosting to Vienna Pride, who will host EuroPride 2019. The ceremony will be followed by NRJ in the Park goes EuroPride and the evening ends with a unique concert with the icons Boy George & Culture Club.

Rules for participation in the parade

All instructions must be followed to participate in EuroPride Parade 2018

• During the parade there is a total alcohol ban.

• As a participant in the parade, you commit to respecting other participating people, organizations and spectators. No form of discrimination or harassment is allowed. West Pride undertakes the right to deny participation in the parade for those who do not comply with our fundamental values.

• It is prohibited by Swedish law to wear a mask or cover the face, in case of questions, we refer to the police at 11414.

• It is forbidden to throw things from vehicles. No flyers may be distributed from an environmental point of view. Confetti or similar may only be used if it is ecolabelled and cleaned afterwards. Ecolabelling must be submitted to West Pride before implementation.

• All groups and vehicels must keep the distance to the group in front. There are no gaps between different groups. Listen to our volunteers if they ask you to go slower / faster to hold the parade together.

• If anything unforeseen happens or if you have questions during the parade, please contact our volunteers in yellow vests. They have radio to the site manager who reaches security, rescue and police.

När: 18 augusti 2018 14:30 - 18 augusti 2018 17:30

Var: Heden / Göteborg

Arrangör: EuroPride 2018