Gender Based Violence Online – From Experiences To Strategies

Welcome to a panel and conversation in conjunction with the Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality.

Violence online is often used to silence women who raise their voices, threatening their freedom of expression and democracy at large. There is an alarming trend of shrinking space for civil society and democracy on decline. This trend is visible in all public arenas, including the internet, and women are among the most targeted.

The root causes for gender-based violence online are the same as for gender-based violence offline. As the online and offline spaces are fundamentally intertwined, threats and harassment follows women into their private spheres. Threats online additionally often translate into threats and violence offline.

How do we best combat gender based violence online? How do we build upon experiences to form strategies ahead?

Panelists: - Lulú Barera, founder of Luchadoras, a Mexican cyberfeminist collective that uses ICT to fight violence against women in digital spaces - Annika Ben David, Ambassador-at-large for human rights, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden - Jan Moolman, Global Women’s Rights Policy Lead at the Association for Progressive Communications, working in the intersections of women’s rights, technology and human rights.

När: 17 april 2018 13:45 - 17 april 2018 15:00

Var: Sida - Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete Valhallavägen 199 / Stockholm

Arrangör: Sida - Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete