Public House - a film by Sarah Turner

Institutionen för Kulturvetenskaper bjuder in till filmvisning och samtal på Bio Capitol:

Join us for a special screening with artist SARAH TURNER who presents her award-winning, Grierson nominated documentary Public House and the notions of cultural memory and sonic ethnography it embraces.

PUBLIC HOUSE In 2012, the Ivy House pub in Peckham was sold to property developers as part of the ongoing gentrification of south London. The locals opposed it and successfully managed to buy it and it works today as the first co operatively owned pub in London. Unfolding from this scenario, the film weaves verbatim testament into folk operatic form with the Ivy House itself, embodied and imagined as a central character and inhabited by the memories of the generations who have passed through its doors. Before the screening Sarah Turner will present her film. After the screening there will be a discussion between Sarah Turner, Ola Stockfelt and Catharina Thörn as well as an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Sarah Turner is a reader in fine art at University of Kent and an artist who writes and makes films. Her feature films Ecology (2007) and Perestroika (2009) are characterized by explorations of technologies, experimental approaches to writing and an engagement with experiences of narrative, immersion and embodiment within the long form film. Together with her new feature, Public House (2015), these three films form a trilogy of concerns that are broadly linked through ideas of ecologies: psychic, environmental and social. Ola Stockfelt, Department of Cultural Sciences, is a researcher interested in music, sound and moving images. Catharina Thörn, Department of Cultural Sciences, is a researcher interested in urban change, gentrification and public space.

When: 28 February 17.30-20.30 Where: Bio Capitol
Admission: Free

När: 28 februari 2018 17:30 - 28 februari 2018 20:30

Var: Biografen Capitol i Göteborg Skanstorget 1 / Göteborg

Arrangör: FSSK Göteborg