Riots and Popcorn DIY radical & queer film festival

"Welcome to the Riots and popcorn film festival , the DIY radical and queer film festival of Göteborg, Sweden!

Its aim is to promote low and zero budget movies made and/or about queers and radical left people .

For us, opposing capitalism with its inherent violent social inequalities is closely connected to the fight against transphobia, homophobia and sexism, as well as racism, and fascism , that why we decided to create a film festival linking the queer and the radical left movements.

During one full day , we will propose international, long and short movies in a safe place where the viewers can enjoy the movies with popcorn and discussions times.

This first edition shall also be the moment to gather with those who would like to join into a collective to create bigger and better editions of the festival in the future ."

När: 3 februari 2018 11:00 - 3 februari 2018 23:00

Var: Riots and Popcorn / Göteborg

Arrangör: Riots and Popcorn