Firefund in Kafé 44

" is a community for international solidarity, a network of activists, organized to crowdfund the movements.

On January 14th, activists from Firefund will do a presentation of the platform in Bokhandeln INFo to spread the word about the project, and invite interested activists to join the online workshop Swarm 2.0.

In 2017 Firefund launched our first recruitment project dubbed 'The swarm' a group of activists from around Europe joined the online chatroom to discuss and learn about crowdfunding through practical examples and discussions about how to do solidarity across borders, genders and classes.

Since then more than 14 campaigns have been launched, the majority of them successful in raising funds for everything from medical aid to antifascists in Ukraine, Hungerstriking asylum seekers in Denmark, Queers workshops and a whole lot more.

This year we want you! At our presentation at Kafe 44 we will give a presentation of the platform, how you can join our chatroom to learn and help us organize dissident projects for a better world. During the last week of January and until the end of February, the Swarm project will walk you through how a campaign is organized, allow you to find your strengths and where you can learn from others, wether you are passionate about text, programming, graphical design or taking over social media, we need you as part of our collective. You will have a chance to ask all the questions you like, see you in Kafe 44!

In Solidarity, Firefund"

När: 14 januari 2018 12:00 - 14 januari 2018 16:00

Var: Kafé 44 Tjärhovs Gatan / Stockholm